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Real Estate

Real Estate

The Ahearne Law Firm represents buyers, sellers, cooperatives, and condominiums in private and commercial real estate transactions providing counsel through the entire purchase and sale transaction including credit checks and disputes, formulating a financial loan / mortgage pre-approval and commitment strategy, reviewing potential buyer financial statements, establishing buyer creditability, negotiating deal terms and the contract of sale, and closing.

Buy or sell your property with confidence

Your properties are your most important assets. Protect those investments by having an experienced New York Real Estate attorney at your side. New York Real Estate laws are among the most complex in the United States. The Ahearne Law Firm provides experienced New York Real Estate legal services, both within the city and upstate, representing buyers, sellers, cooperatives, and condominiums in private and commercial real estate transactions.

Foreclosure Defense & Loan Modification

If you’ve received a mortgage default notice, a notice of foreclosure or have been served a summons and complaint filed against you in foreclosure; contact my office for a free consultation. I defend clients in foreclosure actions, fraudulent lending practices, and represent clients in loan modifications. I will answer the summons and complaint, appear in court on my client’s behalf, and negotiate with the bank or lender to stop foreclosure and provide time to negotiate a loan modification and resolution to the foreclosure action. Services include:

  • Free Consultation
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Answering the Summons and Complaint
  • Court Appearances
  • Loan Modification Negotiation
  • Representing Plaintiffs in Fraudulent Lending Actions

All clients receive a complete closing package cleanly organized and bound for your records, including,

  • The Contract of Sale
  • HUD Forms
  • Title Insurance
  • Inspection Reports
  • Listing Sheets
  • Tax Documents
  • Photocopies of all Checks, and
  • Any other related documents

Services include:

  • Outlining the transaction from listing to closing
  • Credit Checks and disputes
  • Formulating loan, pre-approval, and commitment strategy
  • Reviewing buyer financials and establishing buyer creditability
  • Reviewing listing, broker, and agency agreements
  • Drafting and reviewing property condition reports
  • Drafting and reviewing offers to purchase and counter-offers
  • Negotiating deal terms and the contract of sale
  • Assisting you through the inspection and financing reports
  • Confirming title insurance reports and commitments
  • Reviewing all transaction terms and figures with you prior to contract and closing.
  • Advising you at closing through all documents and adjustments
  • Submitting all sale / transaction tax documents with the County and State

Hudson Valley

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